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How Can a website benefit your business

Having a website is crucial to your businesses success. It is the growth that many businesses need, it can bring that increase in sales and that exposure that you have being looking for. Your market goes from local to worldwide and it is a very satisfying thing. Read on and discover exactly how a website can be beneficial for you. 

Here are 5 reasons outlined as to why you need a website to grow your business, you’re your website is built adding some other crucial steps such as strategic marketing, Search engine optimization you can begin to dominate online!

1 – More Customers
2.4 billion use the internet every day. Of these 2.4 billion daily users, 90% have purchased a product online or made an enquiry about a service/product within the last 12 months. If you don’t have a website, you are missing out on large amounts of customers. You should be online and getting these users to your site to increase sales. You can achieve this by having a modern powerful website, a good marketing strategy and a social media presence.

2 – 24/7

Your physical shop may open 9am – 6pm seven days a week, but your website has no opening hours, nor does it have closing hours once its live it is open 24/7 365. This means you can have customers anywhere in the world at any time purchasing your products constantly. You could be heading to bed on at night and by morning you get out of bed and wake up to sales from customers all over the world. Your website can make you money while you sleep.


Unless your product is completely unique and there’s nobody in the world who is doing it except you, you will have competitors. There is no doubt when a user searches for a product or service similar to what you provide they will find results online, and chances are they will be clicking into your competitor’s website. Keep up with the competition and get online. Even if you can’t seem to catch a break and your products don’t seem to be selling due to the sheer power of big companies who sell your products cheaper, with faster delivery times or whatever the case may be, your website is yours! Which means it’s your time to shine and show to people why your different, why customers should buy your product and a great chance to show the people behind the business. Display all the details of your business on your website and tell people what differentiates you from the rest.


You can print flyers and put them up in the local area. You can spend thousands on brochures to market your business, which are also good ideas. But the world has changed people who want something go online and get it. Put all your products on your website and now it acts as a brochure, a flyer and a store all in one. It is a very effective way to market your brand or business. 


A professional website changes the perception of your business. You begin to be taken seriously. You are portrayed as a professional company. You are given credibility straight away. Give yourself the credibility you deserve and don’t forget it will impress your customers!

So, there’s 5 solid reasons why you need to get yourself online. Create a hype around your business and get people talking about your website! If you want us to help you with building your website get in touch, we would be happy to help.


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